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Ela's Enchantment



Sassy Sparkles proudly presents: "Ela's Enchantment"! 
A dramatically dark indigo that captures the magic of a deep starry night's sky!  This color was inspired by the lovely Ela Rogers!
The color is rich, but very classy... very "Hepburn" if applied as a thick eyeliner.  It would look killer with a strong red matte lipstick, turning it into a stylish retro look!  Applying the glitter over a layer of black liner will darken the color even more.  I hope you really enjoy this color!
This *limited addition* "Ela's Enchantment" will be debuting at this year's "SHIMMIES FOR A CURE 3" on March 28th  and can be ordered online for $10.
Be sure to get YOURS while they last! 
Learn more about Ela: