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Shimmies III Special Color!


Susan Morgaine named this lovely color:
According to The Book of Goddess and Heroines, she is a Goddess of Twilight.  In the Amazon, it was that this Goddess of darkness had a pot with a lid (Eye Kandy?) When she closed the lid of the heavens, the sun was left outside.  When she took the lid off the pot, the sky filled with daylight. So you could say that it is darkness (twilight) and when you put on your Eye Kandy, the sun comes out and bathes you in its radiance!
Inspired by twilight (the darkest time of day) this color is a delicious mix of purples, blues and a hint of pink. All  proceeds go to Pan Mass Challenge, helping change the lives of cancer patients. 
"It's always darkest just before dawn....and when the sun comes out, all the rain is gone."